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DOITE Alma Self Inflating Camp Pillow


Self - inflating Pillow
Soft and comfortable
DOITE Alma Self Inflating Camp Pillow

Doite is a brand specialized in equipment and outdoor clothing, which thanks to its continuous research and product development, has achieved the highest standards of quality and recognized international prestige. Doite was born in Chile, in the year 1980, when its founder realized that there are few places in the world where there is such a diverse geography and with such an insipid development of implementation for the practice of outdoor disciplines. Faced with this scenario, it was not only proposed to create an Outdoor brand that achieved the maximum balance between quality and price, but also to promote a new culture in this area.
Since then, Doite has been the pioneer brand in the development of camping activity in the country, becoming today, an international leader with a presence in Latin America, Oceania, Europe and Asia. The key to this position has been his spirit of adventure in the brand projection and the responsible maturation he has experienced in the local market.

DOITE Alma Self Inflating Camp Pillow
This pillow self-inflates or can be manually inflated, thanks to its multi-functional valve, with a brushed polyester base that reduces slippage during the night.

DOITE Alma Self Inflating Camp Pillow Features:
• Self-inflating pillow.
• Open cell foam, provides more comfort. 
• Ideal for camping, traveling and outdoor sports. 
• Rectangular shape. 
• Easy to clean.

DOITE Alma Self Inflating Camp Pillow Spec's:
Size: 52 x 32cm
Fabric: Upper - Towel, Bottom - 1500 Oxford
Valve: Plastic
Compact dimensions: Weight: 270gm

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