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Halco Skim Stick 185mm Midnight Blue - Surface Action Lure


Surface Action Lure for Slow Trolling or Long Casting. It frantically skitters across the surface
Halco Skim Stick 185mm Midnight Blue

The Halco Skim Stick surface action lure is a unique and innovative concept for all blue water anglers. It fits between a stick bait and skittering popper and imitates a long, narrow profiled baitfish fleeing on the surface from any hungry predators in the area.

Intended for long casting and slow trolling applications, this lure frantically skitters across the surface with a steady but simple winding technique. It can also be worked with a slight twitching action for a 'walk the dog' style retrieve.
This lure is ideal for king mackeral, wahoo, tuna and many trevally species.
Rigged with Decoy 5/0 single inline hooks for superior hook hold and setting.

In the early 1950s engineer Hal Cooper began to make metal lures and fishing rigs in his small Australian premises. Today Halco has expanded offering a vast range of innovative plastic and wooden lures. They are constantly developing new and exciting products for the global fishing market whilst maintaining the core values of high quality set by the founder some 60+ years ago.

When casting poppers always allow a few seconds after the lures has hit the water before you commence your retrieve. This allows the lure to find its correct buoyancy and resting position in the water prior to retrieving. Commencing the retrieve the moment the lure hits the water often finds the lure not behaving correctly for the first couple of metres. Often this is the critical strike zone.

Halco Skim Stick 185mm Midnight Blue Specifications: 
Manufacturer: HALCO
Size: 185 mm
Hooks: 2 X Premium Japanese Decoy Inline 5/0 Singles 
Colour: Midnight Blue (H82)
Tackle: Heavy, 20 kg+
Weight: 75 grams
Applications: Slow Trolling / Long Casting
Species: Saltwater Game Fish

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