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Berkley ProSpec Coral Pink Tinted Fluorocarbon Leader - 30lb


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Berkley ProSpec Coral Pink Tinted Fluorocarbon Leader - 30lb

Maximum invisibility, durability knot & crimp strength. ProSpec Leader Material is 100% Fluorocarbon and comes in 3 tints to match water conditions and eliminate sparkle and flash.

Berkley® Tinted Fluorocarbon; Leader Wheels
The standard of invisibility. Berkley Tinted Leaders let you match your leader colour to the colour of the water to increase strikes.
berkley prospec fluorocarbon
Berkley ProSpec Coral Pink Tinted Fluorocarbon Leader - 30lb Specs:

  • Manufacturer: Berkley
  • Leader Type: Tinted Fluorocarbon
  • Tint Colour: Coral Pink
  • Line Weight: 30lb
  • Leader Length: 100yds
  • Diameter: 0.56mm

As good as fluorocarbons are; they do have a few down falls. Fluorocarbon material is hard, not nearly as soft as mono; the good thing about this is that it makes fluorocarbon very abrasion resistant. What we have found is with this property is that fluorocarbon can and will pipe light and/or sheen/sparkle light. Light piping is when sun light or man made light (night fishing) will carry through the fluorocarbon line down to the lure or bait. When this happens your (invisible leader) is not so invisible any more. Light sheen or sparkle is when the fluorocarbon catches light on its side that is horizontal to the surface of the water. There again not so invisible any more. 

Berkley took on this problem and has found the answer, its there tinted fluorocarbon leader material. They did this by tinting the fluorocarbon with three different colours to blend in to the aquatic environment. The leader material comes in three colours; Coral mist for bottom fishing applications, Gumsmoke for clear water conditions and Tannic for stained or river waters. I mostly use the Gumsmoke and Tannic colours for my applications

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