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Desalt Marine Engine Flush - 5L Concentrate


Desalt - Marine Engine Flush and all purpose salt remover...
Desalt Marine Engine Flush - 5L Concentrate

DeSalt is here, the engine flush and salt remover - Twice the product at half the price.

Quantity: 5L Concentrate.

It's not liquid gold! We've made DeSalt great value so you don't need to be precious with it and measurements don't need to be exact. Chuck it in - a stronger mix won't hurt.
But here is a guide to dilution ratios for different applications. They are expressed as percentage, (eg 5% is 50ml per 1 litre) to make it as easy as.
Also as a guide ONE CAP FULL is about 10ml

Regular flush, 5% to 8% for annual maintenance.

WASHING: Boat / Car / Trailer wash: 2.5% for regular wash, 5% for heavy duty clean.

SOAKING: Immersion applications for light metal corrosion removal: 10% solution and soaked for 7 days.

Engine Flushes
Boat, Jetski & Trailer Wash
Diving and Fishing Gear
Patio Furniture, Barbeque
Windows, Decks and Awnings

Water Based, Not Harmful to aquatic life.
Non-Hazardous, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, PH Neutral.


If salt is a killer then DeSalt might just be the knight in shining armour. The marine environment is tough and completely unforgiving but it’s not the water that really does that damage, its the salt. Seawater and sea air cause salt deposits and build-up over time on anything exposed to the marine environment. Fortunately there are a number of products on the market that clean and remove salt deposits and the latest addition to the line-up is a new salt-removing solution called DeSalt. DeSalt hits the market and around half the cost of similar products so is certainly worth a look in our view.
DeSalt is a non-hazardous, non-toxic, pH neutral, all-purpose,. It is water-based and biodegradable which means it’s safe for our environment. DeSalt comes in 2L & 5L container sizes and at a 5% dilution, which is about average for most applications, a 2L container will make 40 L of solution that can be applied in a range of situations.
DeSalt can be used to flush boat engines, and wash down boats trailers and jetskis after use. But it doesn’t stop there. DeSalt can also be used also to clean and protect important items of equipment like fishing reels and dive gear after use at sea. Corrosion and the resulting mechanical damage can be a very expensive lesson to learn when applying a relatively inexpensive solution like DeSalt was in fact the answer. DeSalt can also be used to wash down patio furniture, barbecues, windows, decks, awnings and in fact anything that is exposed to the marine environment. It’s safe to use on all surfaces including aluminium and other metals, plastic, vinyl, waxed services, paint and rubber and it doesn’t cause streaks or leave spots so the job looks good.
Mixing is pretty easy and doesn’t have to be too precise but basically a cap Is around 10ml, so five caps in a litre will give you around a 5% solution. DeSalt recommend a 2½% solution for engine flushing for regular use and a 5% to 8% solution for annual maintenance. A 2½% percent can be used to wash down the car boat and trailer after use and don’t forget to do the fishing and diving gear while you’re at it.
Another interesting mode of action for DeSalt is the fact that it has been shown to remove surface rust and there is some evidence that DeSalt will help prevent rust forming.

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