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Hutchwilco Super Comfort 170N Inflatable LifeJacket - Manual


The latest Hutchwilco 170N inflatable lifejacket has been designed in New Zealand by Hutchwilco specifically for New Zealand’s unique marine conditions. Continuing on the success of the 150N Super Comfort Series we have strived to maintained comfort and increased the buoyancy to provided an even better wearing and preforming inflatable lifejacket.
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Hutchwilco Super Comfort 170N Inflatable LifeJacket - Manual

The Hutchwilco 170N Super Comfort Manual Inflatable Life jacket is awesome for all types of boating. Simple activation using a pull cord, or orally inflate using the mouth piece. The Jacket can be worn by most adults as it has a reasonable amount of adjustment. Offering 170 newtons of buoyancy which is nearly twice that of a standard foam Hutchwilco life jackets. It is also certified by Maritime New Zealand, Yachting New Zealand and the Civil Aviation Authority. These jackets allow high mobility while wearing them and are easy to put on and use. This jacket won't inflate until you pull the cord. Once used the canisters can be easily replaced and the jacket reused.

Hutchwilco Super Comfort 170N Inflatable LifeJacket - Manual Features:
Simple interlocking buckle system
Stainless steel buckles
Twice the buoyancy of a conventional life jacket
Pull cord activation or oral inflation tube
Has enough buoyancy to Rapidly turn an unconscious wearer onto their back.
New easily adjustable waist belt with stainless steel adjuster
Advanced Roll Over System
50mm webbing waist belt
Zip bursts seams
Approved for use by MSA, CCA, and CE.
One Size fits Most

Hutchwilco Super Comfort 170N Inflatable LifeJacket - Manual Specifications:
Weight: 750grams
Size (Chest): 55-140cm
Weight: 40kg minimum
Front buckle/clasp system
Colour: Navy Blue
Buoyancy: 170 Newtons
Australian Safety Standard: AS4758.1
Crotch Strap: No, can be supplied at extra cost

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