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Lalizas Suction Syphon Hose - 25mm


Lalizas Suction Syphon Hose - 25mm

Suction hand hose - 25mm dia, 1600mm 

Hose Diameter: 25mm
Hose Length: 1600mm

Suitable for Petrol , Diesel or Water

1. Place the bottom end of the hose pipe into the tank with the liquid that you wish to pump out and hold the top end of the hosepipe upright.

2. Shake the bottom end of the hose vigorously up and down until the liquid rises in the hose. Continue pumping until the liquid passes balance level.

3. Stop pumping and place top end of the hose in the container you wish to fill and the liquid will flow automatically.

Self Priming SYPHON
For Gasoline, Diesel, Oil, Water, & Aquariums

The amazing SYPHON has a 25mm diameter x 160cm. long anti-static , anti-spark hose with a 3/4" diameter copper pump that contains a glass ball and stainless steel spring.

Very unique self priming siphon with 160cm hose. Eliminates the risk of swallowing or inhaling harmful liquids. Easy to use. Just shake the siphon up and down rapidly and the built-in check valve system primes the siphon. Works with many liquids such as water, gas, diesel, kerosene, fertilizer, insecticides, thinners, paint, lubricants & solvents. Great for emergencies! Many applications for home, marine, aviation, industrial, cars, planes, boats, snowmobiles, ATV's, aquariums, waterbeds, home brewing, and many other uses. Antistatic hose.
Just set the pump end into your liquid and with a few shakes up and down you start the self-priming action of the SYPHON. That's it, without any gas ending up in your mouth or on the ground!

The Self-Priming SYPHON is much easier and quicker to use than a normal hand siphon pump. The SYPHON makes it so easy to transfer large amounts of liquid in a very small amount of time.

Use SYPHON to safely transfer gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, oil, water, thinners, paint and more.

The Syphon Hose comes in handy for use with boats, autos, lawn mowers, tractors, motorcycles, stopped up sinks and tubs, water beds, aquarium and fish tank maintenance, ponds, pools, hot tubs and home brewery's

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